The Shortest Road Back to Normal Living

Getting to work, school and home - there’s no doubt that an auto collision complicates life. More than likely, you’re feeling disappointed, frustrated or anxious. That is why Covington Auto Collision is committed to helping you get back to life as quickly as possible. With our help, it won’t be long before you’re back on the road and enjoying life.

Collision Repair - Our Passion, Our Profession

Auto body repair has been our profession for over three decades, and it has been our passion for even longer. Our highly trained technicians have worked on thousands of cars, and we truly enjoy the unique challenges that come from each auto body repair. Over the years we’ve learned that with superior knowledge, the latest technology, and a commitment to success, virtually any car can be restored to like-new condition.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

The team at Covington Auto Collision is committed to making the collision repair process as simple as possible. From quick repair estimates, to cost-effective labor prices, and high-quality results, your customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Dare to Compare Covington Auto Collision to the Competition

There are plenty of auto body repair shops to choose from. Most likely, you’re shopping around to find the most reliable and affordable option. When you’re finished shopping around, we’re certain you’ll choose us.

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